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Pain O Soma 350 Mg

Pain O Soma is one of the most reliable drugs in the class of drugs called muscle relaxants. Most of the time, doctors give out Soma pills to treat muscle pain caused by stress between the brain and the nerves.

Muscle pain and skeletal muscle pain can be treated with this very effective muscle relaxant in just 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll be surprised by how well it works.

Carisoprodol, also called “Soma Pill,” is the main part of Pain O Soma tablets and is what makes the medicine work.

What is Pain O Soma? 

Pain O Soma, which contains carisoprodol as one of its active ingredients, is perhaps the best relaxant for muscle pain. Doctors mainly prescribe this medicine to get relief from acute pain. Pain O Soma treats chronic and severe types of acute muscle pain that injuries, contractions, or muscle strains may have caused.

How it works

Pain O Soma is a member of the same family of medications as painkillers and muscle relaxants. A drug class consists of pharmaceuticals that function reasonably in the same manner. Its function is to relax muscles by acting on the brain and the entire nervous system.

This medication can be beneficial in treating similar symptoms of skeletal muscle pain. Pain O Soma is a type of muscle relaxant that you can use to treat various kinds of muscle pain. It begins to function in the central areas of the brain and spinal cord to provide relief from spasms or stiffness without reducing muscle strength in any way.

How Do You Use It/How Do You Take It?

Consume Pain O Soma through your mouth as per your doctor’s prescription. You can take it either with your meal or alone. However, it is better to try and avoid consuming this medicine more often or continuing for a longer time than prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise, you might not get the benefit of this medication. Rather, your pain recovery will be slower, increasing your chances of undesirable effects.

The right amount of this medicine for you will depend on your current health and how well it works.Hence, this drug will get adjusted to your schedule for a short time. You may have withdrawal symptoms if you stop consuming this drug abruptly. These symptoms may include stomach cramps, nausea, headaches, and trouble sleeping. To avoid withdrawal symptoms, your doctor may gradually reduce the dosage. If you use it for an extended period of time or in high doses, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. If you notice withdrawal symptoms, immediately contact your physician or pharmacist.

Despite being a beneficial medication for many individuals, Pain O Soma can also become an addiction. If you are into substance use issues such as alcohol or drug addiction, the risk is likely to increase. So, it is best to take Pain O’Soma exactly as prescribed to minimize the danger of drug addiction.

Manufacturer: Hab Pharma


Before you take this dose of medicine, you should at least read the patient information leaflet once.If you do so, you will be able to understand the medicine better. You should take Pain O Soma as directed by your doctor.

Typically, you can take one tablet regularly, along with one glass of water. Don’t try to crush, break, or chew the medicine.

You can take this medicine either after meals or on an empty stomach, as directed. The doctor prescribes the appropriate dosage of this medicine to the patient based on factors such as age and medical condition. So, kindly consult with a doctor before starting this dosage. It is ideal to strictly follow the instructions for the dosage recommended by the doctor and never assume to increase or decrease the dose. When the opposite is done, it may have negative consequences.

Side effects

Pain O’ Soma, like any other medication, can have unfavorable side effects. Nonetheless, this may arise because your body needs time to adjust to the medicine. Consequently, some patients usually experience mild side effects, which go away as the drug adjusts to their bodies.

Major Side Effects

Generally, this drug does not have any significant side effects. The minor side effects disappear in just 48 hours. However, if you see the side effects persisting or worsening, you should seek immediate medical help.

Minor side effects

Below are some of the pervasive side effects you could experience while using Pain O Soma medicine. If you experience any further difficulties, contact your doctor and pharmacist right away.

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Breathing problem
  • Headache
  • Mood swings
  • increase in heart rate
  • swelling on the eyes, face, eyes, and various other body parts

When not to use it

You should avoid using this medicine if you are suffering from chronic diseases like liver or heart disease, are a breastfeeding mother, are pregnant, or have been taking this medicine for three weeks. Consult your doctor before including this medicine in your supplement routine.


Warnings for special populations


During pregnancy, you should use Pain O Soma only when you need it. Before using it, it is necessary to consult about the benefits and risks of it with your physician.


Since Pain O Soma passes and mixes into the breast milk, it could have an undesirable impact on the nursing baby. So, consult your doctor if you are a breastfeeding mother.


Missed Dose

If you have not taken a dosage of Pain O Soma, you can still take it as soon as possible. However, avoid the missed dose if the time to take the next dosage is closer. 

Even if you miss a dose, take the next dose at the usual time. Prohibit yourself from taking an extra dose to compensate for your missed dosage.


In the event of an overdose, you should not waste time and call for emergency medical help. An overdose of Pain O Soma can turn fatal, especially when you consume it with alcohol or other drugs.

Overdose symptoms of Pain O Soma include confusion, vision problems, hallucinations, fainting, shallow breathing, loss of coordinating abilities, seizures, or even coma.


Drug interactions could make this medicine less effective or even make it more likely to cause side effects.

Interaction with Alcohol

Your doctor needs to know that you consume alcohol. Alcohol might make you feel sleepy; thus, the doctor or your pharmacist should know about it before you take medicine. The interaction of Pain O Soma with alcohol can slow your breathing and cause serious issues.

Interaction with Medicine

Please talk to your doctor and pharmacist to get a full list and dosage of all the medicines and natural supplements you take.There is no need to start, stop, or make some alteration to the intake of medication.

Tell your physician or pharmacist you are also using some other items that can make you feel sleepy, for example, painkillers, opioids, marijuana, muscle relaxants, antihistamines, or sleep medications.

Interaction with Food 

Doctors may recommend you take medicine along with your meal. However, if your doctor asks you to take it on an empty stomach, don’t let the medicine interact with food and cause adverse effects.

Interaction with health conditions

This medicine is unsuitable for patients with severe health conditions like porphyria, heart disease, and liver or kidney disease.

How to keep it

When storing Pain O Soma, it is important to keep the temperature and humidity in check. Therefore, don’t keep it close to the bathroom. Also, keep it out of animals’ and children’s reach. Dispose of the prescription in a safe place.

Another thing to note is that you should never flush or dump this kind of medicine down the drain unless you have specifically received the direction to do so. If the product is no longer useful or has expired, properly dispose of it. You can consult a pharmacist or the waste management team in your area to learn more.

Where Can I Buy Pain O’Soma Online?

Nowadays, many websites offer Pain O Soma. It is always better to scroll down and read the reviews to get an idea of the reputation of the online medical site. Choose the one that you find authentic after researching and placing your order.

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